As promised, here is the latest information on the PCI-32765 clinical trial at the NIH.  Given the importance of this trial, I will ask Radha (our webmaster) if there is some way we can have a special tab on the homepage where our members can access the latest information, read the discussions and comments readily.

The citation for the trial on is up.  Click on the link to access all the detailed information regarding inclusion criteria etc.  Cross-checking with the information I posted in my previous article I did not notice any discrepancies.  But while I try to be as accurate as I can, please remember the last word is theirs, not mine.

Notice the comment right on top of the trial announcement, saying “This study is not yet open for participant recruitment“.  I hear that will change as soon as staff get back from their New Year vacations.  Please allow me to emphasize once again, I believe this trial will finish recruitment very quickly.  The actual process of getting patients in to Bethesda MD for pre-assessment etc may take some time.  So, I am afraid it is going to be a bit of hurry up and wait (what else is new in life, right?).

  • Be sure to read all the details of the citation, as well as our review articles on PCI-32765 articles (CAL-101 too, after all it too is a member of the kinase inhibitor drugs).  You can find the articles by typing in the appropriate key word or phrase into the search box at the top right hind side of our homepage.
  • If after due consideration you decide you fulfill the inclusion criteria, and further more, you are seriously interested in participating in this trial, that is when it is appropriate for you to contact them.
  • Please don’t jam their phone lines or overload their email system with irrelevant questions at this time.  The time and resources you waste will cost another patient who may really need access to this technology.  We have to watch out for each other.
  • Once you have  your interest in participating on their record, the next step is the hardest:  be patient.  I expect they will get an avalanche of queries from patients and it will take a little time for them to sort through all the mail. I am afraid I am partly to blame for the huge interest.  Just Google “PCI-32765 clinical trials” .  My recent article is very high on the citation list of Google, no small achievement.  And we do have an awful lot of devoted readers of this website.
  • You can bet on it that I will be keeping close watch on this trial.  You can do your bit by adding your voice to the discussion section.  We can learn a whole lot more when we work together.

Site News

Allow me to take this opportunity to do a quick report on where we are at the end of our third year on the “Updates” website, and where I hope to go in the New Year.
  • I have managed (barely!) to keep up the rate of publication of new articles, about one every week.  There are 154 different articles now on the Updates website.  You can browse through them at your leisure, or as the topic becomes a hot button issue for you. I hope to continue at about the same rate in the coming new year.
  • Our membership is huge and keeps increasing, with no sign of leveling off.  In the month of December, even with all the holidays and stuff, we had more than 45,000 visitors to the website.  No wonder Google picks up our citations so quickly (and drug companies sit up and take notice) when we publish new review articles.
  • I plan on conducting at least two workshops in 2012.  Both will be held in Columbia, MD.  I am afraid I do not have the man-power resources to plan for (and financial resources to pay for!) workshops conducted elsewhere.  Dates and topics of the workshops will be announced at a later date.  Our rented conference hall holds about 50 people.  We register ahead of time, and try to accommodate as many people as we can.  Our previous workshops (“All about prognostic indicators” and “Everything you wanted to know about FCR“) were very well received.
  • My email traffic continues to grow.  All the same, this one-on-one contact I have with our members is probably the best part of my “job”.  So, please continue to write to me.  You can get my email address by clicking on the “Feedback / Contact us” button.  I promise to get back to you in a day or two at most.  (Social emails may take a bit longer).
  • Phone consultations have to be limited to when I am in the USA – calling India is a little expensive, the time zone difference is a hassle etc.  If you wish to see me in person, please write ahead of time and set up a time and date that works for both of us.
  • As always, there is no fee charged for any of the services we provide.
  • I have been invited to speak again at the CLL 2012 conference in Niagara Falls, Canada.  I guess I did not do so badly the last time, since they asked me to come back for a second time.  I am looking forward to it since it gives me a chance to meet many of you.  The organizers had videotaped the presentations the last time – here is the link to the YouTube video of my presentation.
That’s it, folks.  With your help and your support, I hope to keep walking down this path with you for another year.  Your support and validation is crucial, it is truly the wind beneath my wings.  May 2012 be a good year for all of us.
Be well,