In the interest of full disclosure, this post has nothing to do with CLL. Pardon me for going completely off-topic! I promise I won’t misuse my prerogatives too often.

If you are like me, if there are days and nights when CLL has taken away too much of your life and soul, if there are too many dreams that have been shelved or lost for good, if sunlight does not seem so bright anymore, this is a video clip you may want to watch.

I am not a big fan of contemporary pop culture or TV reality shows and “meat” parades. I hate the obsession with superficial beauty and narcissism that have hijacked our present day culture. I look in the mirror and the image that stares back at me is that of an overweight woman with shaggy grey hair. No one strikes up a conversation with me anymore when I travel. I am almost invisible to strangers, my physical appearance is the unappealing introduction that takes away any chance I may be an interesting person worth talking to.

Susan Boyle looks a lot like many of us. She says she has never been kissed. I suppose no one found her worth kissing. She is 47 years old and she made this 60 year old remember all the dreams that were so important to me and my husband – especially these last 8 years.

Here is the link to the video. It is less than 8 minutes long. I confess it made me cry.